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Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Model Driven Development using MCC

Today, developers are spending most of their time writing code that connects the business roles and procedures to the underlying implementation framework. Modern enterprise frameworks like J2EE and .NET makes this effort less painful, but never the less unnecessarily time consuming and error prone.

InferData has developed a development tool that dramatically reduces the development effort required by enterprise developers to implement software solutions. The tool is based on the efforts of OMG in defining Model Driven Architectures (MDA). The tool converts declarative models into complete solutions where no explicit code is written to connect the business logic to the enterprise framework.

The tool is currently only supporting J2EE, but a .NET implementation is in the works. We are also developing a platform neutral way of implementing the business logic. The goal is to define the business logic once and generate implementations for any platform.

The tool is currently being used by our consulting branch, however, we expect to make the tool commercially available early next year.

If you are interested in pre-releases of the tool, please contact one of our sales representatives.

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