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According to a recent article in RedNova, “THE YEAR 2004 DEFIED PREDICTIONS: IBM sold its PC arm to a Chinese competitor, Oracle managed to swallow PeopleSoft, and - perhaps the most dramatic of all - Microsoft and Sun Microsystems aligned to make their products inter-operate.”


Here at InferData, while we’re not in the business of making market predictions, we agree with IT sector analysts and pundits alike -- as we apply a forward-looking view into 2005, we anticipate that web services, SOA and BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) applications will experience increased global market acceptance and growth.


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IBM Patent Bombshell: "The Windows Patent Strategy Is...Over," Says Groklaw

LinuxWorld Magazine

January 11, 2005

Distancing itself ever further from arch-rival Microsoft, whose CEO Bill Gates tried during his keynote at CES 2005 to liken open source software development to a kind of modern-day communism, IBM will today be giving away rights - so it is announcing - to 500 of its software patents.


"The landscape just changed....Thank you, IBM. Thank you," writes Groklaw's editor-in-chief Pamela Jones, heralding the announcement yesterday that IBM will today announce that it's making 500 of its software patents freely available to anyone working on open-source projects like Linux. - Read More


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Modeling compensation in WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation Process Choreographer


December, 2004

This article describes what compensation is and how to model it in several process scenarios using WebSphere® Studio Application Developer Integration Edition. This information can help a business process modeler introduce compensation into its processes.


The Process Choreographer component of WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1 (hereafter referred to as Server Foundation) provides the ability to choreograph intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise services using business processes, which can involve both human and IT resources. Process Choreographer supports running Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes in a J2EE™ environment, and lets you combine business process technology with other services that are offered by J2EE architecture and available in Server Foundation. - Read More


InferData teaches the following related courses:


- WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Server Foundation


- Overview of WebSphere Business Integrator (WBI) Technologies

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What's New in WebSphere Portal v5.1?

WebSphere Journal Magazine

January 4, 2005

WebSphere Portal, the leading enterprise portal package on the market, is about to ship a major new release designed to take integration and flexibility deeper and further than ever before. WebSphere Portal lets programmers focus on developing the business functionality by managing the look and feel, personalization, content management, and security components.


WebSphere Portal has always been about integration. It lets users integrate different applications from disparate locations and enables them to seamlessly exchange information. Much of the functionality that is required for the Web experience does not have to be programmed but can be found in the portal library ­ a collection of "shrink wrap packaged" portlets or portal applications. Beyond just combining the portlets into a unified presentation, WebSphere Portal allows you to personalize the user experience based on the user's role and preferences as well as on the client device the user is accessing the site with. - Read More


InferData teaches the following related courses:


- WebSphere Portal Server 5.X Administration


- WebSphere Portal Server 5.X Development



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WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1 Handbook



This 632-page paper describes the technical details of WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation, and the details of using WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition for application development. It provides valuable information for system administrators, developers and architects about the products covered. The handbook specifically focuses on WebSphere Process Choreographer and on solutions using it.


Part 1, "Architecting a WebSphere Enterprise solution," has high-level details about WebSphere solutions using WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation.


Part 2, "Setup the environment," provides step-by-step details for installing the runtime and development environments.


Part 3, "Implementing WebSphere Enterprise solutions," provides details about the J2EE programming model extensions and functions in WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation. You'll find out how to design, develop, assemble, deploy and administer applications in the WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation environment.

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InferData teaches the following related courses:


- WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Server Foundation


- Overview of WebSphere Business Integrator (WBI) Technologies


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Unbreakable Java: A Java Server That Never Goes Down

JDJ Magazine

January 5, 2005

Developers using Java on clients or in small projects may not believe that there is a fundamental problem with Java's robustness. People working with huge applications and application servers written in Java know about the problem but may doubt that it's possible to build something like an unbreakable Java architecture.


Some may even remember the White Star Line promising that their ocean liner Titanic was unsinkable; an iceberg in the North Atlantic proved them wrong and demonstrated that there is no such thing as an unsinkable ship. Is it really possible to build a Java application server that never goes down? - Read More


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